Запатентованный тест на характер человека, тест Воликова

On-line personality
test — Volikov’s test


It is very important to point out an accurate time and place of birth (+/- 20 min). This helps to get more accurate results. If you know only the date of birth the program will take the time of birth 12:00 p.m. local time. The accuracy of the results depends on the difference between your actual time of birth and time set by the program (12:00 p.m.). The closer the actual time of a person’s birth to12:00 p.m. is, the more accurate will be the result.



 .   .   dd.mm.yy (day | month | year)

   :     hh.mm (hours | minutes) Please fill in if you know the time of birth with the accuracy to 20 minutes or leave it blank

   :     hh.mm (hours | minutes) Please fill in if you know the time of birth with the accuracy to 2 hours or leave it blank

Here on the diagram you can observe character traits, marks vary from -5 to +5, where 0 means Norm or Medium in comparison to other people. Marks from -1 to -5 are colored in red, marks from 1 to 5 are colored in green. Red color does not always mean something “negative”, as Green does not always mean “positive”. It only displays the vector line to one or another direction from the medium position (0).
The diagram shows potential given you by the birth. It does not include genetic agency, upbringing, education, life conditions, environment and so on, which influence the character and personality development of any person. This fact should be for sure taken into account while considering the results.
You should be very careful while analyzing the results with -4; -5 or +4; +5. In such cases they might be regarded as deviance of a particular trait. For example, for ”courage” marks or +4, +5 may display itself not only as temerity, but also as aggression and sadism. Or marks +”4” and + “5” for “will” in some cases may display itself as will to dominate, tyranny, petty tyranny.
Please analyze the results as a whole, taking into account all the correlations between the different character traits. The same character traits will show itself differently, regarding to different intellectual abilities or courage. For example, if “intellectual effectiveness” is +5, one will use his will for creation, while if  “intellectual effectiveness” is -5, for destruction.
You should take into account that the author took for the test only basic character traits, without all of the shadows that may exist to describe any particular trait. So for all of them you can find related words and develop the raw of synonyms. For example, for pridefulness there are synonyms arrogance, haughtiness, or for unfriendliness synonyms are malignity, heartlessness; for tack there are synonyms diplomacy, politeness, ethics; and for hyperemotivity synonyms are sensitiveness, sentimentality, touchiness.
Please point out your and your partner’s time of birth (not only date of birth) if it’s known with the accuracy to 20 minutes and also select your birthplace from the list of cities – this increases the accuracy of the results.
You should think about the program as a complex body, which consists of hundreds of numerical matrixes that analyze quite contradictive factors affecting our character. That’s why it can’t provide you with the results of perfect accuracy out of all 21character traits. According to our study, as a rule, 18-19 out of 21 traits reflect person’s character quite accurately (if the time and place of birth are known). The remaining 2-3 traits may a little differ.
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